SLEEPYTIME_DONALD SLEEPYTIME_DONALD from belinda ackermann on Vimeo.

jana moving

jana appleyard moving from belinda ackermann on Vimeo.


the very beautiful willow  vidal-hall the man in the dj søren nielsen the drop hauk pattison


wings designed, created and filmed by belinda ackermann performed by beatrice perini a scarabeus production

jenusia leicester haymarket

jenusia by rene de obaldia my role was set and costume design cast mme de tuberose         pamela cundell philip hessingor           bob cartland irena hessingor            darien takle jonathan                         tom fahy dr. de stuff                     kendrick owen mme de stuff                 grania […]

renault geneva motor show

renault press lounge at geneva motor show my; designing, sourcing and supervising install of press lounge

ford paris motor show

designed and supervised the making of costumes the hide ford mondeo to be launched also I was responsible for the styling of the press launch at preshing hotel, the night before the motor show the car had to be lifted into the building via the open roof inspiration for the dressing/styling came from the huge […]