video artist Belinda Ackermann
choreographer & dancer Julie Havelund
sound scape Jacob Thompson-Bell
Independently conceived movements, images and sounds overlap like translucent layers, a narrative of displaced times and places – a private glint of sunlight, a chattering midday park, a church façade in a cloudy city. ‘notes from a meeting’ flickers between these varied times and locations, inspired by notions of density, proximity, abstraction and the possibilities of playful exchanges in the process of making. This project grew from a simple curiosity about the unconscious act of casting a shadow, and how it might transform, vanish and reappear in another format.
“I am interested in the synchronicities that emerge with the layering of images. There is a story that unfolds as the sun goes behind a cloud taking with it shadow and focus. As with the process of breath, it moves from one phase to the next; each with their particular mood and character. I am the witness, the note taker, following these points of transition, observing the meetings and partings of this HUGE presence that shapes our seeing; that focuses, expands, distorts, flattens and dries out the way we perceive substance.” some of my thoughts as I created the video