here’s looking at you!

  portals to the soul where the boundary between the inside and outside thins an invitation to enter or maybe stay away


Jana Appleyard looking incredible check out her retreats


jana moves with such beauty and grace green_ECHO from belinda ackermann on Vimeo.

the drop be-loved (continued)

THE DROP from belinda ackermann on Vimeo. HAUK PATTISON and WILLOW VIDAL-HALL in be-loved heart stopping moment- has to be seen! filmed and edited by belinda  


scarabeus aerial theatre BE-LOVED costumes/images by belinda BROADGATE CIRCLE, liverpool street søren nielsen & willow vidal-hall images of hauk pattison to come!!

grandad norman

GOTHVOS (old-face) the thought melts in my mouth, tantalise my taste buds old faces, like old hands carry with them the residue of all that has been seen and felt, the wisdom of ages, touching the deepest knowing i see here the quiet, patient, care that surrounds this small holding and it reminds me of […]

jana in hvar

AMAZINGLY inspired yoga teacher JANA APPLEYARD has spent the last 10 years building a retreat in village of dol on the beautiful island of hvar  CROATIA i have been playing with images of her “vaudeville performer from dagliev!”   that sea looks so inviting and her rooms are stunning

lenten lily

i thought these were christmas roses BUT mum tells me that they are in fact lenten lilies! dark singed burgundy and aubergine reflecting the passion of christ overblown, nicotine stained heavy with the weight of the world this lily of lent pregnant with the promise of atonement makes room for the tight, bright buds of […]


drenched in a bleak promise of epic proportion this fills my soul portentous, eerily in tune thanks Jonathan Jonathan Polkest ECLIPSE carrek loes