video artist and documenter of event in collaboration with “collectives and curiosities”

my role; video artist responsible for filming and creating a video to be projected during this 3 hour show cased at st lukes LSO Soundhub – as part of their platform for emerging composers
I creatively directed the lighting and the real-time film that was projected onto the performers/musicians and into the space
I worked in close collaboration with “collectives and curiosities” during the 3 full days of R & D spent in this beautiful space at st lukes. these development days took place at intervals during the 6 months prior to the event
the final piece that was performed 3 times during the evening. the sense of drawing/mapping and re-mapping as well as fragments visited and revisited a recurring theme of the mixed media composition
Music: Jacob Thompson-Bell, Emma-Ruth Richards, Michael Betteridge; Dance: Sabrina Kelly, Jo Cork, Rania Leontiou, Tito Poblete, Sam Welland, Vanessa Downie, Yuiming Wong, Julie Havelund, Jemima Storey; Musicians: Fabricio Mattos (guitar), Danae Eleni/Rebecca Lea (soprano voice), Nicola Crowe (flute), Bea Hubble/Mary Noden (oboe), Alex Roberts (clarinet), Daniel Tse/Christina Marroni (bassoon); Film: Belinda Ackermann, Chris Rogers; Created with support from the LSO Soundhub, filmed at LSO St Lukes, with funding from The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.